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Having been in the home medical equipment industry for over 60 years has taught us a few things: everyone deserves the proper equipment and supplies for their treatment, and they deserve the service, support and care to help make their life better.

Our commitment to caring is not limited only to customers that have years ahead of them, but extends to our hospice patients as well. We work closely with hospice organizations to make sure they have everything they need to create an atmosphere of compassion and kindness for end of life care.

We also pride ourselves on our pledge to excellence, as we are accredited by both The Joint Commission and the Community Health Accreditation Program. We also do the following to meet our promise of excellence:

  • Have decades of experience in healthcare, care giving and HME industries
  • Our staff includes RN’s, Respiratory Therapists, Emergency Medical Technicians, Registered Dietitians and a Registered Polysomnographic Technologist (RPSGT)
  • We are also members of the American Association for Homecare, Ohio Association of Medical Equipment Services, New York Medical Equipment Providers Association, West Virginia Medical Equipment Suppliers Association

We want you to know that when you come to Medical Service Company, we will meet your needs. So, contact us or come by one of our locations today to start on journey to a more comfortable and enjoyable life.

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Medical Service Company provides Respiratory equipment for the home. If you or a loved one has a respiratory condition requiring oxygen therapy, nebulizers or respiratory assist devices, Medical Service Company is here to provide the service, education and support you need.

We want you to lead an active life, click here to view our Oxygen Portability Options

Respiratory diseases such as COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), requires a comprehensive respiratory program. Medical Service Company offers a comprehensive COPD care program, as well as other collaborative care models.
Be sure to ask your physician for Medical Service Company for all your respiratory equipment needs.

  • Medical Service Company provides home respiratory equipment to meet all your respiratory healthcare needs. Whether you need respiratory equipment for a long term respiratory condition, or for seasonal ailments, allergies, or cold & flu season, Medical Service Company can care for you. Medical Service Company also has an on-site pharmacy, should you want us to provide your medications as well.
  • Medical Service Company can often provide same day delivery of Respiratory equipment - oxygen and nebulizers can generally be delivered to you the same day as ordered by your physician
  • Medical Service Company provides in home visits and follow-ups by a Licensed Respiratory Therapists.
  • Medical Service Company provides a short term and long term follow-up system to ensure you're satisfied with our service. We want you to understand how to use the equipment, and understand your disease process — Medical Service Company aims to improve your quality of life. Follow up with a Respiratory Therapist generally takes place within 48 hours (2 business days) after set-up; we also may provide a visit at 1 week, as determined by the therapist. Long term follow up occurs from 1 month to 1 year, depending on your specific conditions.

Oxygen Therapy

With home oxygen therapy there are a variety of options. There are concentrators, tanks and Homefill systems, as well as conserving devices and portable concentrators to enhance your portability, and help keep you active.

In addition to receiving oxygen equipment from Medical Service Company, you will also receive care from a Licensed Respiratory Therapist, regular follow up care, and support as close as a phone call away. A licensed therapist will work with you and your physician to ensure that you have the proper equipment to enhance your quality of life, and keep you as active as possible.

Pulse Ox/Assessments

Medical Service Company will work with your physician should you require additional clinical testing to determine your oxygen needs. We can arrange for pulse oximetry testing to be done in your own home. Hand held pulse oximeters allow portability for you to monitor and record oxygen saturation in the blood, and heart rate. These units use a patient interface cable to interpret the data. We also have Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities (IDTF), who are partners to provide testing should insurance require it.


Medical Service Company offers nebulizers, or compact air compressor systems designed to deliver nebulized medications. Sizes will vary based on patient’s needs. Medications may also be available through our onsite pharmacy.

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Medical Service Company will make a difference in your sleep therapy.

  • We offer Auto titrating devices.
  • Our Respiratory Therapists perform ALL PAP setups
  • Our therapists are dedicated to helping patients achieve comfort and long term compliance
  • We offer a Mask Guarantee for your comfort
  • We offer continuous follow up for ALL CPAP Patients including long term clinical support for all therapeutic needs and easy supply replenishment to keep your equipment up to date.

CPAP/BiLevel Therapy

Sleep apnea is a very common condition affecting millions of people. The word apnea means without breath. Sleep apnea occurs when a person stops breathing during their sleep for periods of 10 seconds at a time. This can happen multiple times throughout a night. Obstructive sleep apnea is the most common form of sleep apnea and occurs when the airway becomes occluded. Every time a person has an apnea, their sleep is typically interrupted, and causes non-restorative sleep. This leaves a person with sleep apnea feeling very unrested. In addition to not feeling rested, the person may feel anxious, depressed, and irritable. Many who suffer from sleep apnea will report daytime sleepiness, and may even doze off at inappropriate times, such as while driving, or working. This can endanger the patient, as well as other innocent people.

  • Medical Service Company has a comprehensive Sleep Program. Medical Service Company can offer OSA screening, and treatment. Medical Service Company will work directly with your physician to ensure you are properly treated for sleep apnea or any type of Sleep Disordered Breathing. Medical Service Company provides licensed Respiratory therapists to set up your equipment and provide you education and support throughout your therapy. Medical Service Company has a comprehensive follow up program to help ensure you are comfortable and compliant with your therapy. We provide state of the art equipment, expert education and short and long term follow up by a respiratory therapist.
  • Medical Service Company is committed to serving our patients, and providing long term education, service and equipment to our patients. Medical Service Company works with many local insurance carriers, and will provide short/long term monitoring as may be required by your insurance company.
  • Medical Service Company is also committed to helping you achieve long term use, compliance, and a healthy lifestyle as it relates to your therapy. This is beneficial to your health. We can provide replacement supplies and/or accessories for your CPAP equipment. Replacement supplies can be ordered through your therapist, customer service or our patient care department.

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Medical Service Company provides patients with different mobility options to fit your active lifestyle. We offer a full line of power wheelchairs and scooters to provide mobility inside and outside your home.

Learn about Wheelchairs VS. Scooters
View other Power Mobility frequently asked questions

At Medical Service Company your Power Mobility referral will be processed in a timely manner. We adhere to Medicare Guidelines and careful processing of your wheelchair order. We are meticulous when it comes to documentation and our level of customer service is unparalleled.

Contact a power mobility specialist directly to discuss your mobility needs:

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Tube Feeding

Tube Feeding, also known as Enteral Nutrition, is the delivery of liquid nutrients through a tube into the gastrointestinal (GI) tract for people who are unable to eat by mouth or cannot meet their nutritional needs by food alone. Medical Service Company offer a full range of formulas.

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Home Medical Equipment

Medical Service Company is your home medical equipment provider of choice. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality and variety of home medical equipment including commodes, lifts, canes & crutches, walkers, hospital beds, and bath safety items. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for patients with special needs and allow patients to stay in their home.

Medical Service Company’s highly trained medical equipment technicians deliver the equipment and provide education for safe and comfortable use.

Our customer service department and billing team are well-versed in Medicare, Medicare and managed care plans. We are happy to handle all third-party billing for the patient.

Items we offer include:

  • Hospital Beds
  • Wheelchairs
  • Bathroom Safety Equipment
  • Patient Lifts
  • Canes & Crutches
  • Walkers, Rollators & Accessories

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Medical Service Company operates a closed door pharmacy that supplies prescription and non-prescription drugs and supplies. Our patients are met with exemplary customer service from our certified pharmacy technicians and Ohio State Board of Pharmacy licensed pharmacists.

Patients are referred to our pharmacy by their physicians, hospitals and alternative care facilities.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to provide the level of service that has become synonymous with the Medical Service Company name. Our team takes great pride in caring for the people in our community.

The Medical Service Company pharmacy is licensed in five states in order to care for the patients in all of the surrounding states and prescriptions are delivered directly to the patients’ homes.

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M.O.R.E. Program

M.O.R.E (Measuring Outcomes through Respiratory Evaluation) is Medical Service Company's standardized test that measures eight clinical categories. It tracks disease states and identifies risk factors while treating respiratory conditions and monitoring outcomes.

Read the article on M.O.R.E. in the April/May 2014 issue of Respiratory Therapy Magazine.

Learn about M.O.R.E

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MSC Facility Direct

Our commitment to enhance the lives of patients goes well beyond providing healthcare equipment. The goal of MSC Facility Direct is to be a supportive partner to facilities by providing them with healthcare equipment and service solutions designed to reduce costs, increase compliance, and improve outcomes. MSC Facility Direct offers capital equipment for your facility, such as Oxygen Concentrators, Beds, Case Goods, Lifts, Bathing Systems, Therapeutic Support Surfaces and even Interior Design. We are able to offer our clients a single source for all of their healthcare equipment needs. Click here to learn more and register your facility today.

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MSC Breast Pumps

Let Our Family Take Care of Your Growing Family

At Medical Service Company, we believe in “Caring for Life” from beginning to end. It is because of this belief that we want to help all mothers, new and expecting, give their child a great start in life through experiencing the benefits of breast feeding. Now through The Affordable Care Act, Medical Service Company is here to help your patients receive insurance covered breast pumps with a simple qualification process and free shipping.

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Medical Alerts

Medical Service Company offers a variety of medical alert systems that provide you or the care recipient with valuable technology. A medical alert device can help ensure you or the care recipient are safe and allow them for enhanced independence. A Medical Alert can be as simple as a wearable pendant used in the time of an emergency to a fully integrated Predictive Modeling Care Plan. Ask about our specific Care Plans for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Congestive Heart Failure (CHF).

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